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Fast response by emergency services when you push your Alert button


Raise the alarm in an emergency, 300m wireless range, Medical control panel can also supplied.


Can be used in all types of homes, regardless of shape or size

  • Feel even safer in your home with our wireless panic button.
  • Activate your home alarm system with a keypad operated system and feel safe knowing your house is armed
  • UK based Emergency Specialist available at your service
  • Police response when panic button’s pushed during a Burglary
  • Have Emergency services on call 24/7 by clicking your panic button
  • Free tailor-made Risk Assessment
  • Package suited to all Budgets
  • Emergency services on call include: Police/Ambulance/Fire Brigade

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We guarantee that our Alarm Service Agents can give you a free Quote on getting a a new ssecurity system.

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Our Alarm Engineer Will Install Your Alarm System To Keep You Safe

We believe that we should all enjoy our freedom and independence. Our systems allows just that, plus the ability to protect your home, have help readily available and have peace of mind.
We do this by initially running a FREE Risk Assessment. We will then adapt our system to suit your needs.
Typically we will install a wire-free home alarm system with an option of a "panic alarm" button. This button can be pressed to alert the emergency services immediately. Or should you want, our monitoring system can be alerted. You will receive a phone call from our UK centre with a REAL person to help you sort the emergency. Should you require immediate help, the call handler will contact the emergency services immediately
The button is excellent for anyone that feels vulnerable, that requires immediate help from the emergency services or that wants to speak to a real person should an emergency arise.
Our alarm system can be armed easily in different zones, and will be triggered in the event of an intruder breaking into your home.

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It has been shown that 92% of people that have been burgled in the UK do not have a monitored alarm in place. There has been a 17% increase in burglaries in the UK. There is a burglary every 68 seconds in the UK. These statistics are alarming and that is why we recommend getting a bespoke security system. If we install the home alarm system your home will be armed and you will be alerted when someone breaks in as the alarm will go off.

The home alarm system activated by the keypad is a barrier against crime and is recommended in families and even for people living alone. The alert button also gives vulnerable people the chance to remain independent by sending a fast signal for help in emergency cases such as a medical emergency or a fall, or an emergency fall situation in the shower.

The panic button can be used to generate an alarm to get the desired reaction whether its medical help or a direct police response or Fire Brigade. This depends upon how the device is programmed.

The emergency help is available 24/7 so you can push your panic button for speedy help at any time of day. Live a safer, better life with the ultimate security system, with emergency services help just a click away

How do I know if My Post Code is Covered?

Typically we can fit and service alarm systems in most homes in the UK.
The qualification criteria can be as simple as follows.

  • Are you a Homeowner, landlord or a tenant?
  • Do you have access to the internet and speedy broadband?
  • Does your Wi-Fi signal cover the entire property?

It really is that simple. Find out in 30 seconds if you can benefit from a bespoke security system in your property.

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Bespoke Security System For Your Home

  • Raise the alarm in an emergency
  • Medical keyfob supplied
  • Peace of mind and feeling safer knowing you and your property are protected
  • 300m wireless range
  • Zone programming should you want access to the toilet when the alarm is armed
  • UK based contact centre if you have an emergency
  • Personalised service to suit you
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Best Home Security System

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Peace of Mind

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Immediate Action

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UK Based Response Team


  • 1. Online qualification check
  • 2. A 5-minute call with one of our Alarm system specialists
  • 3. Find out if we cover your area
  • 4. Meet your Alarm Service Agent
  • 5. Arrange a Security System delivery & User Guidance
  • 6. Enjoy a safer, better home life!

Our system ensures you are safe and secure at all times!

Do you feel unsafe in your home? Do you worry about your elderly parent living alone without an alarm system in place? Are you worried about a fire breaking out in your home and the need for a speedy response by the Fire Rescue Service? With the Ultimate Security System these worries will be a thing of the past! With our home alarm system installed you are safer and you can hang the alert button around your neck or place it next to your bed so all you have to do in an emergency is push the button. The Police, Fire Rescue Service or Ambulance will arrive within minutes to assist you and take care of you.

Our Alarm System agents will explain how it works and it’s a very simple way to get help fast!

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  • Feel safer in your home With your emergency activation system.
  • Feel secure if you care for a vulnerable person living alone
  • Have Emergency services on call 24/7 with a quick human response
  • Trigger speedy police response in a burglary

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